GlobeWyze believes in hands on mentoring of entrepreneurs to turn their
vision into commercially viable ideas, providing financial and human
resources to go through Beta and subsequent start-up phases



Private Equity Investment

GW supports entrepreneurs beyond cash, which includes, but not limited to time, experience and human resources to help create long term impact in the marketplace. GW aspires to build strong relationships with entrepreneurs with disruptive ideas creating positive economic and social impact.

Strategic Planning & Implementation

Globewyze provides critical thinking in addressing what, how, where, who and when of desired goals and objectives of a venture. GW helps ventures in setting the direction of theirs plans and respective strategies leveraging Diamond-E and other strategic analysis and action frameworks. A formal structured approach helps in formulating effective strategies while calibrating course of actions over a period of time.

Corporate Valuation

Globewyze with its expertise in corporate valuation offers various analysis functions to assess real value and worth of company. GW has an on-board team and network of experts in the area of corporate finance, accounting and industry specific specialists.

Branding & Marketing

Globewyze has expertise in strategic and tactical branding and marketing through a deep understanding of behavioral science, coupled with Big Data analytics. At GW we create the right perception of products & services to create market traction it deserves. Whether it’s your corporate identify, web personality or user experience, we employ a combination of social and search marketing strategies that take branding to a wholly new level.



Wyzer headset brand epitomizes fashion and technological sophistication in its product design and functionality. The beauty of Wyzer5 is expressed in the simplicity of its form factor outside, while employing the best in the world chipset and components inside. When you wear the headset, it returns the favor by giving you quality conversation, comfort, and functionality.

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Westnoble LLC

WestNoble and its strategic partners have integrated their pricing logic understanding to bring to print buyers and printers a fair market price service. Fair market price means the price which both the print buyer and the printer agree is a reasonable price when neither the print buyer nor the printer is under pressure to buy or sell.

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A marketplace for schedule based service providers. Relationship Management Redefined.

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SCHOOLWYZE brings students' and collectively school's performance as a key driver of the business processes, bringing together the strategic collaboration, planning and reporting between the three key stakeholders: Student, Teacher & Parents, in a forward- looking online system.

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The Walleap marketplace is a unique environment where the merchants are able to communicate directly with the end user through the use of technology and vice-versa. A user can search for a particular merchant and get details on their product without having ever visited the location. The merchant can put ...

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Mobile Learning Circles

We make it easier for teachers, parents, counselors, and other support persons to help students find and use their sweet spots for learning. These sweet spots are where students take their preferred approach to acquiring and using information to complete activities that are at the right level of difficulty for them to perform well.

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Meet the team

Mazhar Alvi

Founder & President, GlobeWyze Inc.

Khalil Abdulrahman

Strategy & Technology

Bryant Mitchell

Associate Professor of Management at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore

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